Office of the General Manager

General Manager

Albert C. Lau was appointed by the Board of Directors as the Santa Fe Irrigation District's General Manager, and serves at the Board's pleasure. The Manager provides professional leadership in the management of the district and execution of district policies. The General Manager serves as the District's chief executive officer and oversees the day-to-day operations of the District's departments. His duties include responsibility for the planning, direction, and management of the water and recycled water activities and operations of the District.

For assistance relating to the Board of Directors or the General Manager, please contact:

Executive Assistant / Clerk of the Board

Telephone: 858-227-5797

Fax: 858-756-0450

Email General Manager

Support Staff

  • The Public Communications Officer serves as the District's Public Information Officer and high level management support to the General Manager. As the Public Information Officer this staff person acts as the District's spokesperson and media liaison to disseminate District related information, and coordinates District publicity and informational activities.  

  • The Executive Assistant serves as the Clerk of the Board of Directors. This position serves as the elections official for the District responsible for general and special municipal elections, including candidate filings, campaign disclosures and economic interest statements. The Executive Assistant provides administrative support to the General Manager and Board of Directors, maintains the Administration Code, certifies official records, and meets legal noticing requirements.