Operations & Maintenance

The Operations and Maintenance Department at the Santa Fe Irrigation District is made up of several divisions; Distribution, Construction, Facilities Maintenance, and Filtration.


Our Distribution crew makes sure over 150 miles of pipeline and other infrastructure is fully operational. Construction personnel perform a wide variety of maintenance functions on our underground infrastructure as well as expanding the distribution system to serve new development. Our crews are also responsible for new service installations.


Facilities personnel provide 24-hours of on-call emergency response coverage for facility repairs and maintenance. The department maintains and repairs district buildings, reservoirs, pumping stations, and the R.E. Badger Plant. The department also operates the district's leak detection program, which focuses on eliminating water loss.


Our Filtration department ensures that you have a high quality and reliable water supply day in and day out. The Operations Department is on call 24-hours a day and is responsible for day-to-day water distribution, water quality, system monitoring, maintenance, and customer service. Operations personnel perform hundreds of tests for 75 drinking water contaminants each year. The findings of those tests are reported annually in the district's Consumer Confidence Report.