Automated Metering Program Information

Information and FAQs about SFID's Automated Meter Infrastructure (AMI)

The Santa Fe Irrigation District began its five year Automated Metering Program in 2016, which will replace the current customers meter that requires manual readings with an automated meter that will send meter readings hourly via wireless technology.

How AMI Works

A small radio unit attached to the customer's water meter sends hourly meter readings to a small antenna that transmits the meter reading data to the District. The picture illustrates how the meter will look inside the meter box.
Automated Meter Infrastructure
a water meter box open, showing the inside of the meter lid and water meter

how to read the meter

When opening your water meter box, please remember that there are wires connected from the water meter to the lid. Please be careful when opening the water meter box to avoid any damages.


To read your meter, use the first 4 digits. This is what the District uses when billing customers for water consumption.  The 9th digit is intended to give our customers the ability to manually check for small leaks, as it is very sensitive to any water flow.
image of a iperl water meter

The video below is to help you on how to read your AMI meter

a Customer Online Portal is available for AMI customers to view their metered water usage.

Sign up to now view your water usage at

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Minimal Disruptions

We are taking extra care to minimize disruption during installation

All work will be performed between the hours of 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday thru Friday. Since all work will be performed at the District's meter location, it is not necessary for you to be home during the installation. Representatives from Aqua-Metric will be performing the installations.  The meter team and trucks will be clearly identified by this logo:


Installation of meters should usually take about 30 minutes with water service being unavailable at that time

Before temporarily interrupting individual water services, crews will make every effort to ensure that doing so will not impose an undue hardship on the customer, for example, by observing the meter to see if water is being used and knocking on doors to contact those who may be inside.

To ensure that the installation is complete, workers will test the new meter. Its normal to experience air in the pipes after installation of the new meter. After the installation is complete, the crew will leave another door hanger at the entrance to the property informing you that your new automated meter has been installed and is ready to be used.


The total cost of the Automated Meter Infrastructure Project is $5.5 million. Installation of the new meters will occur in six phases starting Fall 2016 through Summer 2021.