Government Road Pipeline Relocation

District project # 1502


The District identified the need to replace aging facilities which are critical to the reliability of its water distribution system. The Government Road Pipeline Project is a continuation of the District’s efforts to replace aging water distribution pipelines as recommended in its Asset Management Master Plan. The project consists of three components to replace and relocate existing water transmission and distributions pipelines. The scope includes the replacement of approximately 800 lineal feet of existing 16-inch diameter, 202 Pressure Zone, asbestos cement pipeline in "Government Road" with approximately 1,960 If of new 16-inch pipeline in a relocated alignment in El Viento Street, N. Granados Avenue, E. Cliff Street and Glenmont Drive, the replacement of approximately 600 lineal feet of existing 20-inch diameter, 340 Pressure Zone, asbestos cement pipeline in "Government Road" with approximately 1,100 lineal feet of new 20-inch pipeline in El Viento, Glenmont Drive and E. Cliff Street and transfer existing water services and meters in Government Road to the new 20-inchdiameter pipeline and the abandonment of the existing 340 Pressure Zone distribution pipeline in Glenmont  Drive.  The planning and design of the pipelines relocation will span between FY21 and FY22


Total Project Cost: $3,500,000
FY21 Expenditures: $150,000
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