Automated Metering Program Phase 5

District project #2000


This is the fifth phase of a planned phased program for the implementation of Automated Metering System (AMI). Phases 1 and 2 were completed in FY17, Phase 3 was completed in FY18 and Phase 4 was implemented in FY19.  The completed phase 1 through 4 included the replacement of a total of 4,106 meters with AMI meters, installation of 3 antenna base stations, installation of an analytical software that was integrated with the District’s billing software and the implementation of the customer portal.

Phase 5 will be implemented in FY 20 and includes the installation of approximately 2,150 throughout the District’s service territory (see below map).  There total number of SFID meters is approximately 7,539. Following Phase 5 approximately 6,250 manual meters will have been replaced with automated meters, or approximately 83% of the total number of meters.  Phase 5 is anticipated to be completed in June 2020.
 Total Phase 5 Project Cost: $1,525,000

Phase 5 Meter Routes Map 
AMI Phase 5 Map