Districts Make the Difference

For over 100 years, local service agencies known as special districts have kept our lights on, kept the water flowing and provided access to a multitude of services that enhance our communities.

California's Special Districts are much more than local service providers. They provide vital services like water and energy, fire protection and public safety, treatment of waste water, and garbage removal and much more.

They safeguard our communities, they work arduously to keep our families healthy, and they help our state thrive.

Visit the Districts Make the Difference website.
Explore the most comprehensive and interactive online map of Special Districts in the State through the Special Districts Mapping Project.
Districts Make the Difference website

Earthquake Preparedness

Handy Household Water Tips to be Prepared for an Earthquake:

Before an Earthquake - 

Þ Locate main water line, water heater(s) and water service shut-off valve(s). Mark with fluorescent paint or tape so they can be found in the dark.

Þ Learn how to operate shut-off valves to water lines, water heater, and how to remove any covers.

Þ Keep wrenches handy and any other tools needed to remove covers and shut off water lines and water heater.

Þ Store at least 3 gallons of water per person (1 gal. per person, per day). Replace commercially bottled water by the expiration date, water treated with unscented bleach after 6 months. Keep water in all vehicles.

Þ Keep extra water on hand for pets.

Þ Keep chlorine bleach handy and/or water purification tablets on hand.

Þ Do not add coloring/disinfecting products to toilet tank (a source of emergency water).

After an Earthquake - 

Þ Shut off main water valve to prevent contamination. Check pipes for leaks/breaks.

Þ Do not drink, bathe in, or wash anything with tap water until advised it is safe.

Þ Do not use food or water that may have been contaminated by untreated water (i.e. broken water/sewer/gas lines, flood, etc.). Do not store food or water near household cleaners or contaminants.

Þ Do not use pool/spa water.

Þ Do not use toilets or dump waste in drains.

Þ Check if sewage lines are intact. Plug bathtub/sink drains to prevent backup.

Emergency Drinking Water Sources:

Þ Hot water heaters hold 30-60 gallons of water. Turn off electricity or gas to water heater before draining into containers.

Þ Toilet reservoir tanks.

Þ Melted ice cubes, juices in canned foods.

Þ Stored drinking water.

How to Disinfect Water for Drinking:

Þ Strain water through a clean cloth or handkerchief to remove debris or sediment.

Þ Then do ONE of the following:

à Boil water rapidly for 1 minute.

à Use water purification tablets.

à Add unscented chlorine bleach—Let stand 1/2-hour before using.

*  4 drops bleach per 1 qt. water

*  1/4 teaspoon bleach per gallon water

*  1 teaspoon bleach per 5 gallons water

​For additional earthquake information:

Great California Shakeout www.shakeout.org/california/sandiego

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Prepare San Diego www.preparesandiego.org

American Red Cross www.redcross.org

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