Mission Statement

The mission of Santa Fe Irrigation District is to meet the water supply needs of all its customers — safely, sustainably, reliably, and cost-effectively.

Vision Statement

Santa Fe Irrigation District will proactively ensure:

Sustainable water supplies — providing, efficiently using, and managing water resources to cost-effectively meet long-term needs.

Reliable infrastructure — planning, improving, and managing facilities to cost-effectively meet customer needs.

High-performing staff — creative, forward-thinking staff that provide excellent service in an inclusive, team-oriented environment.

Cost-effective operations — continually improving operations to efficiently deliver quality services.

Customer service focus — transparently communicating and engaging with customers, considering their interests, and exceeding expectations.

Environmental stewardship — adapting to our changing climate and decreasing our environmental impact.

Resiliencyplanning and preparing for potentially significant events and threats to mitigate their effects.


In our actions and decisions, we prioritize:

Teamwork — Our success is built on cooperation, collaboration, and respect for each other, our customers,   communities, neighboring agencies, and staff.

Inclusiveness —Our organization is positive and respectful, embracing diversity, and listening to every voice.

Continuous improvement We are dedicated to excellence and innovation in everything we do.

Transparency — We communicate freely, report honestly, listen attentively, and make decisions transparently.

Accountability — We are all responsible—individually and collectively—for providing cost-effective, high-quality service to our customers.

Sustainability — We are good stewards of our resources and our environment, benefitting current and future customers.