Videos on H2O

Video programs can help to bring the water story to life and augment learning. The videos below give an overview of the water cycle, why we need water, and the need to conserve such a precious resource.  Learn more about our programs and resources by following the links below!

Education Programs

Virtual Landscape Workshops

Colorado River - I Am Red
A short video that highlights the issues of an over-tapped river and focusses on the stresses on the Colorado River as a result of water diversion. 

Department of Water Resources – Water: Who Needs it?
An exploration of what we need water for, where it comes from, and why we conserve 

What is an Acre Foot?

Save Our Water - Replace Thirsty Lawns

San Diego County Water Authority - Educational Video Series

This video series is K-5 grade appropriate aimed to teach kids about water virtually! 

Department of Water Resources – Water We Do! It’s Up to Me and You!
A friendly salmon explains the hows and whys of saving water

Department of Water Resources – The Water Cycle
Learn about the water cycle and the infrastructure that delivers water to our homes 

Save Our Water - Every Drop Counts