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Save Our Water Video

Water is a critical part of California’s way of life. Our economy, our environment and our day-to-day lifestyle need water to flourish. But our water supply is limited. We can help make the most of it by using water wisely every day.

Saving water is not hard. We don’t have to go without beautiful landscaping or take fewer showers. We simply need to be smart about using what we have.
Rethinking the way we use water - both indoors and outdoors - will help stretch our limited supplies and ensure water is there when we need it. If we all work together, we can make a difference for California's future.

Follow our easy tips and start saving water every day.

San Diego County Water Authority Video - "Its Perfectly Clear"

The San Diego region has a fairly dry climate. We receive, on average, only 11 inches of rain a year. To support the growing economy and population of our region, the Water Authority needs to import water from hundreds of miles away. We are working to ensure that water continues to be available. But we also need to enhance local supplies.
One possible option is using advanced treatment methods to turn treated wastewater into drinking water. There are proven ways to treat it that mimic nature's processes and ensure this water is as pure or more pure than existing supplies.

This video will show you why and how this is accomplished. If you enjoy it, please share it with your friends, family, and social networks.