Education & Outreach

Santa Fe Irrigation District is committed to connecting with students to promote an understanding of important water issues through the use of interactive and engaging educational resources, and promoting the importance of water use efficiency. Find more Water Education videos here!

Where does SFID get water from?

The district is fortunate to have access to local surface water runoff in normal and wet years. This water is stored within Lake Hodges before being pumped to the R.E. Badger Filtration plant for treatment, eventually being sent to customers. However, local water sources alone are not enough. San Diego county has relied on Colorado River water since 1946 largely through the water it purchases from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and San Diego County Water Authority. The county also receives imported water from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay-Delta via the State Water Project, although to a lesser extent. Learn more about our water sources!

Watch the short 3 part, "To Quench a Thirst" series for more of San Diego County Water history below

Water Cycle

View The Water Cycle informational poster.

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