How can I find out what's in my water?
Every year the Santa Fe Irrigation District publishes and mails to all customers an Annual Customer Confidence Report. This free report provides the results of tests conducted by the District to assure that your water meets federal and state drinking water regulations. It also explains where your water comes from and includes other useful information. The report is available in English and Spanish. To request a hard copy, please call 858-756-2424, or download a copy from our Documents section of this website.

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1. What is done to purify the water before it comes out of the tap?
2. Who is making sure that my water is safe and healthy to drink?
3. Who should I call if I have a problem with my tap water?
4. How do I treat water during an emergency?
5. How do I handle water emergencies?
6. How do I flush my household pipes?
7. Is there lead in my water?
8. Is there fluoride in my water?
9. Can pregnant women drink tap water?
10. Can people with HIV/AIDs or weakened immune systems drink tap water?
11. Do I need to purchase a home treatment device to make my tap water safe?
12. Should I boil my water?
13. Do I need a water softener?
14. Should I buy bottled water or water at vending machines or water stores?
15. Why does my water sometimes look dirty, cloudy or have a strange color?
16. Why does my water leave spots on my glasses, coffeepot and showerhead?
17. How can I find out what's in my water?