Glencrest Road Pipeline Relocation

District project # 1800

The District has an existing 8-inch water pipeline located within City of Solana Beach’s right-of-way along Glencrest Road. The City of Solana Beach is designing improvements to Glencrest Road that include lowering the road elevation for a distance of approximately 200 feet in the vicinity of the District’s pipeline. In order to accommodate the new road elevation, the District will need to lower a segment of the pipeline and replace two potable water services and a fire hydrant. The District’s pipeline is old but does not have any history of failure or capacity problems. Therefore, it was not planned to be replaced in the near future. However, in order to accommodate the City’s construction schedule, the District’s pipeline would need to be lowered in FY19. Therefore, this project includes the design and construction of the pipeline improvements required to accommodate the new roadway elevation.

Total Project Cost: $

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