2019 Water Rate Study

The Santa Fe Irrigation District (District) Board of Directors (Board) will be reviewing a proposal for increasing potable and recycled water rates & revised single family water rate structure at their November 21, 2019 public meeting at 8:30 am. If the Board should authorize District staff at this meeting to proceed with the public notification period to consider adoption of this proposal, customers of record will be sent a notice of this proposal that includes the date / time of the public meeting where the Board will vote to adopt this proposal, summarized information on the proposal, and how they may protest this proposal.

The District engaged an independent consultant, Carollo Engineers, Inc., to develop this proposal based on all legal requirements and input received from the Board and rate payers during three public meetings. The detailed information and supporting documentation behind this proposal can be found in the link below to the Carollo cost-of-service rate study.

If the Board should authorize staff to proceed with this proposal and public notification, this web page will be updated on November 22, 2019 to include the public notice that will be sent to customers of record and a rate calculator to help customers determine how this proposal will impact them. 

Carollo Cost-of-Service Rate Study