Mechanical Dewatering & Filter Washwater Improvements

Joint facilities Project #1752

The ability to efficiently manage the solids removed (and generated) as part of the water treatment process is a critical component of water treatment. Historically, a large portion of the solids removed at the R.E. Badger Water Filtration Facility has been discharged to the San Dieguito reservoir. This project includes the design and construction of improvements to enhance the ability to remove and manage solids at the R.E. Badger Water Filtration Facility. Following solids removal, the project will also consider the return of process water back to the front of the treatment plant in lieu of the current practice of discharging the process water to the San Dieguito Reservoir. This approach may be required to achieve future regulatory requirements and/or enhance future storage capacity in the San Dieguito Reservoir. Design was initiated in Fiscal Year 2017 and completed in Fiscal Year 2018. Construction will occur between Fiscal Year 2019 and Fiscal Year 2020.

This project will increase operational efficiency and decrease costs associated with the solids handling process. Currently, it requires constant oversight and manual operation. The total operating impacts will not be clear until after the project is completed; it is unlikely that staffing costs will decrease because employees operating the current equipment will be reassigned to other maintenance responsibilities.

FY 19 Expenditures: $4,074,000
Total Project Costs: $9,100,000
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