Automated Metering Program Phase 4

District project #1900

This is the fourth phase of a planned phased program for the implementation of a fixed based automated metering system. Phases 1 and 2 were completed in FY17 and included the installation of approximately 1,325 automated meters (includes the total for meters installed by SFID Staff as well as meters installed by an outside contractor), two antennae base stations, and automated metering system operating software. Phase 3 was completed in FY18 and included the installation of approximately 1,195 meters and one additional antennae base station.
Phase 4 will be implemented in FY19 and includes the installation of approximately 1,580 meters within seven (7) meter route locations (routes 701, 702, 703, 706, 305, 308, and 309) throughout the District service area. There total number of SFID meters is approximately 7,624. Following Phase 4 approximately 4,100 manual meters will have been replaced with automated meters, or approximately 54% of the total number of meters.
 Total Project Cost: $1,150,000
map of phase 4 ami