IT Program Enterprise (Financial) Software

District Project # 1601

This project includes the purchase, installation, and start-up implementation of new financial software to provide more broad "enterprise-wide" features and functionality.  In addition to providing more efficient internal financial management capabilities that add value to all Departments, the new software will improve customer access to data including customer account access and payment abilities online.  Software purchase and initial installation was completed in Fiscal Year 2016.  Integration and training is ongoing and scheduled to be completed in Fiscal Year 2018.

A new enterprise software system will greatly increase productivity, allowing more access to information, reducing manual tasks, and streamlining business processes.  It is not anticipated that the District will experience cost savings from reductions in staff, as this system requires the same workload to accomplish similar tasks.  Additionally, annual software maintenance costs will increase by approximately $60,000.

Total Project Cost: $450,000